• Greg Moodie

    I’ve just opened comments for the first time. Try not to say anything stupid.

  • Willie Fleming

    Dwight Yoakham’s fair let himself go……

    Sorry Greg, I failed

    • Greg Moodie


  • iclare


  • Bongobrian

    Please put an A3 of this one in the shop Greg. Brilliant. 🙂

  • Lyn Stewart

    exellent. PARP !

  • bobduncan

    When you insult Blare, you attack the entire tuba-playing community. Bloody cyberhats!

  • Graham Purnell

    Is that all he had to impart, after a flaky, shaky start?

  • jdmank

    Hats all very well but can his rabbit do this


  • jdmank

    Sorry Greg I didn’t mean to embed that video, I even took out the http//