A 42-minute radio play featuring Tony Boaks and The Admiral.

Two penniless freelancers, one a hapless loser and the other a brilliant but misguided computer geek, devote much of their time to trying to find a genius idea that will ensure their early retirement. They face various setbacks and are continually side-tracked by 'vigorous dark ale' in their quest, but remain optimistic.

Play the audio file below:

A full radio script in pdf format is available on request.

Borderline Brilliant

Back in 2011, I met a literary agent who suggested adapting part of one of my novels into a radio play, as a possible 'way in' to the BBC. It sounded like a good idea, and not being one for half measures, I wrote two, 'The Evil Fred' and 'Borderline Brilliant'. Naturally, neither was accepted by the creaky old state broadcaster, so I recorded my own version of 'Borderline Brilliant'.

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