Six Degrees Of Stupidity


Underemployed graphic designer Tony Boaks creates a coat of arms for Guy LeSnide, a QC (‘like a lawyer, but even more so’) with monumental delusions of grandeur. Before settling his bill however, LeSnide’s delusions turn to madness and he retreats to the fictional English region of Wester – a dense and murky area only accessible by canal.

Unwilling to let madness be an excuse for non-payment, Tony sets out on an epic quest to track him down, narrowboating into Wester’s heart of darkness and taking the spikey unrequited love of his life, LaFlamme, along for the ride.

Encounters with a psychotic ventriloquist dummy, a deviant gastrophile and a professional beard-reader are just some of the weirdnesses to expect in this delightfully quirky satire set in a fantastical comic universe.



  • PAPERBACK - 232 pages
  • 197mm x 132mm, approximately 8" x 5"


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