• Ricky

    Fantastic Greg . Brilliant artwork.

    • Greg Moodie

      Thank you. I’m operating at the peak of my creative powers.

      • Georgie_Kent

        OMG! … there’s worse to come?

        • Greg Moodie

          Ooh! Are you a troll? How exciting. I don’t believe we’ve met, and that’s unusual. Would you like to introduce yourself?

          • Georgie_Kent

            Gosh, how many people have you met out of the 7 billion of us that meeting little old me is unusual? As you will gather from my answering a question with another question I’m a Scot, but I’m also English, Circumstances dear boy, circumstances. I find the referendum fascinating and also trying to understand what the polls are telling us so you mostly find me on ‘What Scotland Thinks’, Prof Curtice’s blog.
            Love your toons but Nuclear Love was a blinder.

  • Iain Macarthur

    Love it Greg…. best one yet….. think i can hear the T-shirt orders coming in fast….save me one this time please !!!

  • Roddy Anderson

    Great work. Love all the spurting oil wells!

  • Ron Fowlie

    Get the clothes peg – brilliant!

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