Genuine one-off collage artwork signed by Greg Moodie. This multi-layered piece was photographed and published in The National on September 16th 2019. It was created using traditional cut and paste techniques. Rare and highly collectable.

As well as containing an array of 3d nicknacks, panel 3 contains a subliminal message written with a UV pen. Hold the original under a UV light to reveal the message. The backgrounds to each panel were set alight to give an authentic burned-out Westminster feel.

The particular story features Prime Minister Boris Johnson and his unelected but nevertheless powerful adviser Dominic Cummings.

“After Scottish judges ruled that the PM’s suspension of parliament was unlawful, the anti-Scottish backlash in the press, on social media and from number 10 was ferocious.”



Dimensions: A3 297mm x 420mm. Media: Layered paper pasted on heavyweight 157gsm card.


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