Portrait of Robert Louis Stevenson #2


Number 2 of 3.
Signed and numbered.
Acrylic paint, collage and digital print on watercolour paper
Dimensions: A3+ 329 x 483mm (13 x 19 in)

“When the 23-year-old Stevenson, son of a respected Edinburgh lighthouse engineer, grew his hair long, started wearing velveteen Jimi Hendrix tunics (at the time, Hendrix was little known outside London), renounced Christianity, and declared his intention to become a writer, his parents took it well. “You have rendered my whole life a failure,” said his father. “This is the heaviest affliction that has ever befallen me,” said his mother. It’s possible that the subsequent success of Treasure Island, Kidnapped and The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde may have altered this viewpoint, but who knows. Some parents are never happy until you become an accountant.” – from ‘Cool Scots



190gsm watercolour paper, 329 x 483mm (13 x 19 in)


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