Edinburgh Sir Walter Scott Club

Artist and writer Greg Moodie discusses his work and how he came to cross paths with Walter Scott whilst creating a series of reimaginings of notable Scottish figures for his books ‘Borrowing Burns’ and ‘Cool Scots’, as well as his exhibition of paintings, ‘Poetic Licence’. The process involved taking existing images, in this case Henry Raeburn’s famous painting of Scott, and lifting them out of the period in which they were created in order to jolt the viewer out of any preconceived ideas of time.

Portrait of Walter Scott

Talk – ‘Reimagining Scott’

I was asked to give a talk to the Edinburgh Sir Walter Scott Club on Thursday 11th April 2024. This took place at the New Club on Princes Street, Edinburgh. Introduction by Chairperson, Dr. Lucy Wood, vote of thanks by Prof. Calum Colvin.

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