ORIGINAL ARTWORK: Gordon Brown Versus The Strip


Genuine one-off collage artwork signed by Greg Moodie. This multi-layered piece was photographed and published in The National on February 25th 2020. It was created using traditional cut and paste techniques with an overall page size of 425 x 560mm. Rare and highly collectable.

Contains a wide array of collage material and a subliminal message written in UV ink around the perimeter.

The particular story features former Prime Minister Gordon Brown aka The Gogszilla and the artist himself.

The artist’s comment: ‘Marvel Comics released a new set of British superheroes in a publication called The Union. It featured characters called Union Jack, Britannia, Snakes, Kelpie and The Choir. Independence supporters were scathing. Meanwhile, former PM Gordon Brown escaped from his enclosure and made yet another keynote speech.’



Dimensions: 425mm x 560mm. Media: Layered papers and mixed media pasted on heavyweight construction paper.


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