ORIGINAL ARTWORK: The Silence Of The Bams


Genuine one-off collage artwork signed by Greg Moodie. This multi-layered piece was photographed and published online on August 21st 2023. It was created using traditional cut and paste techniques with an overall page size of 425 x 560mm. Rare and highly collectable.

Contains an array of collage material and a subliminal message written in UV ink around the perimeter.

The particular story features Kezia Dudale and the Scottish press.

The artist’s comment: ‘Former Labour branch manager Kezia Dugdale admitted she ‘couldn’t argue with the same strength for the Union that I did in 2014’. The news was reported in the English press but in Scotland the response was total silence. Meanwhile Keir Starmer’s Scottish visit received wall to wall coverage.’



Dimensions: 425mm x 560mm. Media: Layered papers and mixed media pasted on heavyweight construction paper.


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