ORIGINAL ARTWORK: To Jo Swinson And Beyond


Genuine one-off collage artwork signed by Greg Moodie. This multi-layered piece was photographed and published in The National on August 19th 2019. It was created using traditional cut and paste techniques. Rare and highly collectable.

The particular story features the Liberal Democrats Jo Swinson, Willie Rennie, Vince Cable and Alex Cole-Hamilton, who is now represented by a blank space because he likes being in the cartoon.

“Having prevously said she would do anything to stop no-deal Brexit, new Liberal Democrat leader Jo Swinson then refused to be included in any scheme that involved Jeremy Corbyn. Swinson offered her own plan to install either Ken Clarke or Harriet Harman as a caretaker prime minister. It’s thought to be the first time a Libdem leader decided who should govern the country.”



Dimensions: A3 297mm x 420mm. Media: Layered paper pasted on heavyweight 157gsm card.


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